Angle Grinder 900W - 125mm

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Product Description

Angle Grinder 900W - 125mm

This compact 900W-125mm angle grinder is a powerful model. Equipped with a paddle switch for safety and comfort in every working position. With the help of the spindle lock and the supplied wrench, grinding and cutting disks can be replaced safely and easily. The protection guard has a quick release lock that enables you to secure it quickly in the right position. The soft grip provides optimal working comfort.

The robust designed side handle can easily be mounted in three positions for optimal control during grinding and cutting jobs. The machine is delivered with a wrench for fixing and releasing the cutting and grinding disks and is equipped with a 3 meter rubber cable.

An angle grinder can be used for working with metal, stone or plastics. Depending on the type of disk this machine can be used for cutting or grinding. For example:

  • Grinding conduits in walls
  • Cutting of materials
  • Cutting of wall, floor and terrace tiles
  • Grinding welds
  • Removal of rust
  • Sharpening of knives and garden tools, for example lawnmower knives or spades

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